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About WantMatures

WantMatures is a wondrous Website that revolves around over-40 ladies and gentlemen with vast experience in life, in love, and in lust. It also caters to younger adults who worship these wet, wild, and wise people.

Introduced in 2007 but fully launched in 2016, this online adult-personals platform has been sweeping the mature-dating universe off its feet since. Managed by Northlock Holdings Limited, the site is part of the ginormous Together Networks Holdings Limited group of companies that are headquartered in the British Virgin Islands.

Together Networks oversees the global alliance of heterosexual and LGBTQIA+ dating communities in dozens of countries and territories. Its user base consists of hundreds of millions of free and paying subscribers, and it has a host of dating Websites and app wonders running on state-of-the-art technologies. Some of its products are IAmNaughty, EbonyFlirt, SugarBBW, GaysTryst, and Loveaholics.


  • Population: 5M+ accounts registered worldwide
  • Members: 2.5M+ monthly visitors worldwide
  • User Base: 55% male, 45% female (heterosexual and LGBTQIA+)
  • Recommended Age: 18 years old and above
  • Best for seekers of hookups and romances

WantMatures is a niche online dating platform that dutifully acts as a virtual fairy godmother to mature ladies and gentlemen who are in the prime of their love and lust life, as well as younger adults who adore them to the moon and back.

The site provides a diverse, inclusive, and nonjudgmental environment. It welcomes adult females and males of any skin color, ethnic origin, cultural background, sexual inclination, and bedroom lifestyle—as long as they are passionate about mature women and men who are as wet and wild as they are as wise and wonderful. It ships intraracial and interracial lovers, be they up for casual encounters or down with for-keeps intimacies.

Pros | Why You Should Sign Up with WantMatures

A large population of free users and paying members

Diverse, inclusive, and non-judgmental environment

Easy-to-navigate desktop and mobile versions

No-cost registration

No-hassle creation of a profile

Free viewing of others’ profiles

Free “Wink” sending

Affordable short- and long-term plans

Trial option available

Cons | Where WantMatures Can Improve

Sharing of photos is not free

Payment in auto-renew mode

Subscription difficult to cancel

Some messages are fake or spammy

Some account phony or misrepresented

Neither Android app nor iOS app

WantMatures sign up

Sign Up Process | The Ease of Registering on WantMatures

Creating a WantMatures account is as easy as pie and almost as quick as a cat can wink its eye.

To be part of the merriment:

  1. Go to the Want Matures dot-com site.
  2. Click on your answer to the question: “I am _________ .” Review the choices: “a man looking for a woman,” “a woman looking for a man,” a man looking for another man, and a woman looking for another woman. You may change your selection after sign-up confirmation.
  3. Select your age. You must be at least 18 years old to be allowed to register.
  4. Select your location. Pick from a list of towns and cities.
  5. Enter your e-mail address. This will be used to send the activation link that should confirm your sign-up.
  6. Enter the password you want for your Want Matures account.
  7. Review the Privacy Policy, Terms of Use, and other legal notices. These pages will explain how the site works and how you should conduct yourself as a free user or a paying member.
  8. Review the guide to safe dating, too, especially if you are new to online adult-personals portals.
WantMatures profile

Members and Profiles | Fantastic People You Will Find on WantMatures

WantMatures is designed to spoil adults over 40 years of age who are in the prime of their love and lust life. It also caters to younger ladies and gentlemen who are in pursuit of people with bedroom wisdom and experience greater than theirs. Some simply crave a happy hookup or two, while others ache for lasting friendships with benefits and long-term intimacies. In any case, they are all prepared to pleasure their lovers with abandon.

This online dating portal has heterosexual and LGBTQIA+ subscribers, not excluding the “straight,” the bisexual, the omnisexual (or pansexual), the gender-fluid, and the gender-flexible. It also has room for trans women.

In terms of age, the population is a merry mix of Generation Y’ers (or Millennials), Gen Xers, Baby Boomers, and even the lithe and lissome Lucky Few. There are, however, Gen Z’ers who are hopelessly drawn to May-December relationships, sugar daddy or sugar mommy affairs, or silver fox or cougar one-offs.

Being one of the best silver fox and cougar dating sites, WantMatures is pro-diversity and pro-inclusion. It boasts of free users and paying members who are of varying skin colors, cultural backgrounds, life philosophies, and sexual inclinations. And being nonjudgmental, the network accommodates both intraracial and interracial intimacies.

Safety | Maintaining Security and Privacy on WantMatures

The Website’s administrators are working day in, day out to keep the state-of-the-art safety, security, and privacy nets up and running smoothly and continuously. From their end, they have instituted a range of measures to help protect free users and paying members from threats to their person and reputation while logged in.

The basic safety measures (for free users) include:

  • Account verification via e-mail
  • Guides to safe dating online and offline

The premium safety measures (for paying members) include:

  • All basic safety measures
  • HTTPS encryption
  • Incognito browsing
  • History cleaning

Moreover, this dating portal has a trustworthy human help desk available round the clock to review and address account-related safety, security, and privacy issues. This customer-support team will immediately act on complaints against suspicious elements on the site or those who are in violation of the community guidelines.

Suspicious elements are usually scammers with fake or misrepresented profiles. They try to pass themselves off as genuine, ardent lovers when all they want is to milk the vulnerable users for their money. However, there are extortionists who will try to blackmail members, especially the prominent ones with a name to protect. There are also felons dealing in illegal substances or those who are involved in sexual molestation, human trafficking, or other heinous crimes.

From their end, subscribers are advised to exercise care and caution at all times, on the site or offline. They are always reminded never to furnish sensitive details about themselves and their families, such as home and office addresses, as well as personal information like credit card numbers and bank account details.

WantMatures Reviews | What Subscribers Say

Review #1: Damon (United States) - I joined WantMatures years ago when I was in my late twenties. I’ve never stopped depending on it for perfect matches because I’m always in need of a mature female company, and it has the capability to fill my requirement ASAP. It’s probably my quest for a mother figure that makes me long for a woman who’s as fiery as she is friendly and as fabulous as she is fun to be with. I’m already in my early thirties but still throbbing for the attention and affection of mature females. This is why I really can’t wean off this platform. So, along with my review are my 100%, 5 of 5 stars, 10 of 10 points, A+, and “Simply Perfect!” ratings.

Review #2: Bridget (United Kingdom) - In the interest of full disclosure, my review is from a cougar’s or a MILF’s perspective. I joined WantMatures as a fifty-something female to connect with men who could be half my age but should be ready to feed my bedroom fantasy and be nurtured by me. Half a decade on, I am still enjoying the company of young, testosterone-packed heterosexual blokes on the splendid site. I have no plans of going low-key because there is plenty of fish here who can be both rapacious and ravishing. I give it a score of 5 brightly shining stars out of 5.

Review #3: Ferenc (Hungary) - I love the site. This is why I am giving it the best possible review in so many words. It is affordable, for one. It always gives me fine matches wherever I go, for another. I have a fetish for showering mature women with affection and attention, and I am glad that Want Matures does not disappoint whenever I search for cougars and MILFs nearby to share intimate moments with. For my score, it is 5 stars out of the maximum 5.

Costs and Pricing Plans | How Affordable Is WantMatures?

Joining this vivacious portal is a no-hassle, no-cost effort, and some of its features are free and yours for the taking. Access to advanced functionalities, however, requires payment.

The premium plans and their prices are:

  • 1 month - $45.00
  • 3 months - $70.00
  • 6 months - $115.00

The packages are affordable, specifically the long-term ones (90-day and 180-day plans) that cost less than a dollar per day. A 3-day trial option is available for your convenience.

Free Features | What Services Does the Basic WantMatures Plan Provide?

The services that basic or free users can experience are:

Account registration and confirmation

Profile creation

Profile viewing

Search utilization (basic filters)

“Favorites” adding

“Winks” sending

Unwanted-person blocking

Customer-support access

Paid Features | What Services Does the Premium WantMatures Plan Provide?

The services that premium or paying members will enjoy are:

Access to all basic services

Search utilization (premium filters)

Incognito browsing

History cleaning

Message sending

Chat participation

FAQ | Know More About the WantMatures Portal

Is chatting free on WantMatures?

No. Chatting is reserved for premium subscribers and is not free.

Does the WantMatures site offer a free trial prior to a premium subscription?

No. It does, however, offer a 3-day (or 72-hour) trial option that costs less than US$5.00.

Is there a way to verify my WantMatures account?

Yes. After signing up, simply wait for confirmation via e-mail. For other verification issues, contact customer service.

Experts Conclusion | A Must-Try for Cougars, MILFs, and Their Admirers

WantMatures is inarguably the best playground for cougars, MILFs (or “moms I love to f...rolic with”), and their worshippers. With millions of active subscribers around the world, the site can give competitors a run for their money.

We wanted to try this online dating platform ourselves. But before signing up, we read review after review, after painstaking review, to know what we should expect. There were more good words put in for it than bad ones, so we decided to register.

As basic users, we received several recommendations near us. Too bad we could not chat these great people up because of a paywall erected between them and us. We thus proceeded with the payment and became premium members to be able to communicate directly with the subscribers we liked. Moreover, we got to use the advanced search filters, which yielded more recommendations.

As for the site’s safety, security, and privacy, we found WantMatures trustworthy and competent. In our review of the pages, we were reminded to be careful and cautious at all times. We found tips on how to avoid dealing with dishonest people, including stalkers and swindlers. At one point, we came across a profile that was using photos that belonged to another person. We reported this to customer support, which resolved the issue quickly.

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