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About MyTranssexualDate

Rebranded in 2023 as MyTransgenderDate, the magnificent MyTranssexualDate online platform is a wondrous Website that spoils transgender and transsexual women. It also pampers the “trans-oriented” men who serve as their ardent admirers and lusty lovers.

Launched in 2014, this portal has been taking the LGBTQIA+ dating world by storm. The founder is French Internet entrepreneur Cyril Mazur, who runs the site with his significant other, Philippine transgender Maki Gingoyon. The lovebirds wanted their story to inspire others, which was why they provided a virtual venue that would cater solely to like-minded adults.

MyTranssexualDate is owned and operated by Building Bridges Limited. The company is headquartered in Hong Kong, an Asian city that glistens with prospects for trans people who are into happily-ever-after intimacies. The online dating platform’s user base boasts hundreds of thousands of confirmed basic and premium subscribers. Although it doesn’t have an app, the Website’s desktop and mobile versions are tops. My Transgender Date’s sister site, MyLadyboyDate, is easily one of the most formidable transgender dating sites on the planet as it is translated into eleven languages across at least 175 countries and territories.

Overview | MyTranssexualDate

  • Population: 750K+ accounts registered worldwide
  • Members: 500K+ monthly visitors worldwide
  • User Base: 50% male, 50% female (trans)
  • Recommended Age: 18 years old and above
  • Best for adults yearning for lasting relationships

MyTranssexualDate is a niche dating Website that’s like a virtual fairy godmother to tantalizing trans women and the marvelous men who love them to the moon and back. It now goes by “MyTransgenderDate,” but a trans-matchmaking rose by any other name is just as sweet, sensual, and splendid.

The online dating platform is a diverse, inclusive, and nonjudgmental cyber-venue that merrily takes in trans women and trans-loving men of any nationality, ethnicity, and bedroom experience. It embraces lithe and lissome intraracial and interracial lovers, and it appeals to people from any adult age group who seek happily-ever-after intimacies more than flitting encounters.

Pros | Why Try MyTranssexualDate / MyTransgenderDate?

Sizable user base (standard and premium members)

Pro-diversity and pro-inclusion

Easily navigable desktop and mobile versions

Free registration and profile creation

Free sending and receiving of messages (for trans women only)

Extensive search function

Low-cost subscription plans

Payment renewals are not automatic

Refund policy in place

Cons | Where MyTranssexualDate / MyTransgenderDate Can Improve

No Android app or iOS app

No trial options

Subscription is a bit hard to cancel

Unlimited uploading of photos not free

Some profiles bogus

MyTranssexualDate sign up

Sign Up Process | Easy Registration on MyTranssexualDate

Signing up with MyTranssexualDate doesn’t require a lot of effort, let alone any form of payment.

Here are the simple steps in creating an account and building your profile:

  1. Visit the MyTranssexualDate dot-com site.
  2. Choose your gender: Are you a trans woman? Or are you a man?
  3. Enter your date of birth: month, day, year.
  4. Pick your country.
  5. Enter your e-mail address. This is where you will receive your activation link.
  6. Enter your preferred first name, which will be used in your account, and then your password.
  7. Review the privacy policy, cookie policy, and terms of use, then tick the box after your thorough review.
  8. Hit the button that says, “Sign Up.”
  9. Build your honest-to-goodness profile, your most attractive message, and most stunning photos included. You may edit the message and replace your photos later.
  10. Key in the information that will help the internal algorithm give you perfect matches. Some details you may put are height, ethnicity, education, religion, relationship status, zodiac sign, smoking and drinking habits (or absence thereof), and bedroom preferences.
  11. Learn to use the extensive search function and begin your review of other profiles. Have fun!

If you want instant confirmation, use your Facebook account to register. You don’t have to worry about safety, security, and privacy when doing this. The site cannot and will not post texts or photos on your wall.

MyTranssexualDate profile

Members and Profiles | Magnificent People on MyTranssexualDate

The MyTranssexualDate universe revolves around trans women who are 18 years old and above, as well as men their age who love being in and around them. Some subscribers are hungry for happy hookups, fun-filled flings, and no-strings-attached niftiness. Most others, however, are thirsty for forever friendships with beautiful bedroom benefits. Whatever their desires and passions, they’re all ready to be part of the quintessential climax beneath the sheets.

The trans women that this delightful online dating platform opens its doors to are those who may or may have undergone sexual reassignment surgery (SRS), not to mention those who may or may not have the intention of undergoing SRS at all. They’re the pre-operative (or “pre-op”), the post-operative (or “post-op”), and the non-operative (or “non-op”). Non-op trans women are those who have decided to retain their male genitalia even as they choose to dress and fully behave like females.

Age-wise, the population is a splashing ocean of the young and the young at heart: Generation Xers, Gen Y’ers (or Millennials), and Gen Z’ers. There are also Baby Boomers on board who are either trans women or trans-oriented men.

Being one of the best transgender dating sites ever to hit the World Wide Web, MyTranssexualDate is diverse, inclusive, and nonjudgmental. It takes pride in its user base that has standard and premium subscribers of different races, cultures, creeds, lifestyles, and sexual appetites.

The last login date of standard users and premium members is shown for you to know how active they are on the site.

Safety | Security, and Privacy on the MyTranssexualDate Network

As a respected global portal for trans women and those who value them, My Transsexual Date (or My Transgender Date) draws on the power of supreme safety, security, and privacy technologies. It also depends on competent Website administrators that maintain the systems day in, day out and enforce measures designed to shield everyone from threats to their person and reputation during login.

The site’s basic safety measures include:

  • Account confirmation and verification through e-mail
  • Tips and advice on safe dating online and offline
  • Profile hiding or temporary deactivation
  • Unwanted-user blocking

The site’s premium safety measures include:

  • All basic safety measures
  • HTTPS encryption
  • Discreet billing

This dating portal has a highly trained moderation team that’s available 24/7 to resolve account-related safety, security, and privacy issues. With urgency, customer support will act on complaints against persons who appear to be violating the community guidelines or behaving badly on the site.

Persons with suspicious behavior could be scammers who are faking their profiles and passing themselves off as genuine ardent lovers when all they’re after is the money of vulnerable subscribers. They could also be extortionists and blackmailers. Or they could be engaged in sexual abuse, human trafficking, drug trafficking, or other types of heinous crimes.

Subscribers are advised to be careful and cautious at all times, on the site or offline. They should never give other people sensitive personal information about themselves, their families, and their businesses, such as residential or office addresses, credit card numbers, and bank details. Moreover, they shouldn’t send money to strangers.

MyTranssexualDate Reviews | What Subscribers Say

Review #1: Sam (United States) - I’m giving a positive, 5-star review in hopes of inspiring other trans women like me to join MyTranssexualDate right away and without apprehension. It’s a legit site that fills my ever-changing needs, first as a non-op and then, after making the big leap, as a pre-op...and then as a post-op trans. I love that my matches are incredible. I’ve never encountered a con artist, possibly because the system verifies users (at least in New York) as best it can. Wish there was an app, though.

Review #2: Curt (United Kingdom) - I am making this review from the point of view of a post-op Londoner, and I am giving MyTransexualDate a perfect mark. I was reeling from a horrific breakup when I joined back in 2019, and I wanted to return to dating mode as quickly as I could to ease the excruciating pain. I have matched with several dashing trans-oriented men in England right away, and my choices included Brits, ex-pats, and even tourists who wanted a scrumptious slice of trans paradise in dear Old Blighty. I did get to meet each of these lovely prospects in person, and now I am seriously involved with one of them. I will probably not be needing the dating portal anymore, but I shall be forever grateful for MyTranssexualDate’s role in introducing me to someone utterly special.

Review #3: Giancarlo (Italy) - MyTranssexualDate is great for men like me who are attracted to trans women. It provides marvelous matches fast. I have tried this in my city and in other countries like Portugal, Spain, France, Germany, the UK, and the US. The results are always what I hope for. My review score: 5 stars out of 5.

Costs and Pricing Plans | How Affordable Is MyTranssexualDate?

Full services are free for trans women, while some services will not cost men anything. Access to advanced functionalities, however, requires a paid subscription.

The premium plans and their prices are:

  • 1 month - $30.00
  • 3 months - $70.00
  • 6 months - $105.00
  • 12 months - $135.00

Review and take advantage of the refund policy in case you’re not satisfied with the paid services.

Free Features | Services in the Basic MyTranssexualDate Package

Services that basic or free users can experience are:

Account registration

Profile creation

Uploading of more than a dozen photos

Use of “Favorites” list

Unwanted-person blocking

Profile deactivation

Customer-support access

Message sending and receiving (for trans women only)

Trans women get free, perpetual access to all premium features. This means that only trans-oriented men will pay.

Paid Features | Services in the Premium MyTranssexualDate Package

Services that premium or paying members will always enjoy are:

Enjoyment of all basic services

An unlimited message reading and sending

Unlimited photo uploads

Chat participation

FAQ | Know More About the MyTranssexualDate Site

Is chatting a free service on MyTranssexualDate?

No, it isn’t free. Chatting is a paid service

Does the MyTranssexualDate site offer a free trial prior to a premium subscription?

No, there’s no free trial. However, the site offers a refund on paid subscriptions with at least ten (10) days remaining in the billed account.

Is there a way for me to verify my MyTranssexualDate account?

Yes. After registering through e-mail, wait for the confirmation e-mail and click on the activation link. Verification is a lot easier if you sign up using your Facebook account.

Experts Conclusion | A Must-Try for Trans Women and the Men Who Worship Them

MyTranssexualDate is a vibrant virtual playground for trans adults who adore one another to the hilt. With hundreds of thousands of active subscribers, this pleasure-giving online dating platform can give competitors a run for their money.

We read review after review on the World Wide Web and gathered whatever first-hand (or second-hand) review before signing up. There wasn’t much negative reaction, so we went ahead and registered using our e-mail instead of linking to our Facebook account.

The site looked legitimate, and security nets were in place to protect our safety and privacy. We understood that there might be fake accounts, so we had to be careful in dealing with standard users and even paying members. We didn’t encounter anybody with seemingly malicious intentions, so we didn’t get to report any incident to the moderators. In any case, we knew they were all on standby to process any complaints we might have.

Despite the absence of an app, the portal is excellent overall. We got to make friends with a good number of subscribers, who gave us insight into their lifestyle.

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