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About MaturesForFuck

MaturesForFuck is a winsome Website-centered on over-40 females and males with a wealth of experience in and out of the bedroom. It also serves younger adults who adore these wet, wild, and wise bombshells and beefcakes.

Launched in 2015, this online dating platform has been sweeping the mature dating world off its feet. Managed by InfraWeb Solution Limited, the adult-personals site is part of the humongous Together Networks Holdings Limited group of companies headquartered in the volcanic Caribbean archipelago of the British Virgin Islands.

Together Networks is the genius behind the international umbrella of heterosexual and LGBTQIA+ communities, including cougar dating sites, in at least three dozen countries and territories on several continents. Its user base boasts hundreds of millions of basic and premium subscribers. Its Website and app jewels run on superior technology, and some of its products are Loveaholics, IAmNaughty, SugarBBW, EbonyFlirt, and GaysTryst.

Matures for Fuck offers an unmatched satisfaction guarantee!


  • Population: 2.5M+ accounts registered worldwide
  • Members: 1.5M+ monthly visitors worldwide
  • User Base: 60% male, 40% female (heterosexual and LGBTQIA+)
  • Recommended Age: 18 years old and above
  • Best for adults who crave casual encounters

MaturesForFuck is a niche dating Website that happily plays the role of a virtual fairy godmother to mature women and men. It mainly caters to individuals who are in the prime of their lust and love life, although it also serves younger adults who worship them to the moon and back.

The online dating platform is, by nature, diverse, inclusive, and nonjudgmental. It merrily takes in ladies and gentlemen of any nationality, ethnicity, culture, gender preference, sexual inclination, and bedroom experience—as long as they’re passionate about mind-blowing mature intimacies. It gladly embraces intraracial and interracial lovers, not excluding those who are yearning for more than simple casual encounters with cougars and MILFs (or “mothers I’d love to frolic with”).

Pros | Why Signing Up with MaturesForFuck Is a Wise Thing

Huge user base (basic and premium members)

Pro-diversity and pro-inclusion

Easily navigable desktop and mobile versions

Free registration

Free creation of profile (with photos)

Free profile viewing

Free message reading

Low-cost subscription plans

Affordable trial options are available

Satisfaction guarantee

Cons | Where MaturesForFuck Can Improve

No Android app or iOS app

Payments set in auto-renew by default

Subscription too cumbersome to cancel

Sharing of photos and other multimedia files is not free

Some accounts fake

MaturesForFuck sign up

Sign Up Process | Registering on MaturesForFuck with Ease

It’s as easy as pie and almost as quick as a cat can wink its eye to create a MaturesForFuck account and build a profile.

Here are the simple steps to climactic merriment with bedroom-experienced adults:

  1. Visit the Matures for Fuck dot-com site.
  2. Choose your answer to the question: “I am _________ .” Review the options: “a man looking for a woman,” “a woman looking for a man,” a man in pursuit of another man, and a woman in pursuit of another woman. You may change this once you’re signed up and confirmed.
  3. Choose your age. You must be at least 18 years to be a bona fide subscriber.
  4. Choose your location. Pick the area you’re in from a list of towns and cities.
  5. Type up your e-mail address. This won’t be shown and will only be used for account activation and subscriber notifications.
  6. Enter your preferred Matures for Fuck password.
  7. Review the terms and conditions, which explain how the site works and how you’re supposed to conduct yourself as a basic user or a premium member.
  8. Review the guide to safe dating as well, whether you’re new to online adult-personals portals or a seasoned dater. It pays to be caught up in an ever-evolving world.
  9. Build your honest-to-goodness profile, your most entrancing photos included.
  10. Begin your review of other profiles and start having fun!
MaturesForFuck profile

Members and Profiles | Marvelous People on MaturesForFuck

MaturesForFuck spoils adults 40 years old and above who feel the power and vigor within them...and want to share it with like-minded ladies and gentlemen. Many subscribers are young at heart, and there are those who enjoy their company and ache to benefit from their naked wisdom. While most are hungry for a no-strings-attached niftiness, others are thirsty for lasting intimacies slathered with friendship, companionship, and affection. Whatever their desires, they’re all ready to be part of the quintessential climax beneath the sheets.

This delightful dating Website welcomes heterosexual and LGBTQIA+ adults, including “straights,” bisexuals, omnisexuals (or pansexuals), gender-fluids, and gender-flexibles. Its doors are also open to trans individuals.

Age-wise, the population is a splashing ocean of Generation Xers, Baby Boomers, and the Lucky Few. However, there are Gen Y’ers (or Millennials) and Gen Z’ers who are dying to savor flavorful May-December relationships, sugar mommy or sugar daddy connections, and cougar or silver fox flings.

Being one of the best cougar and silver fox online dating portals ever to hit the World Wide Web, MaturesForFuck is diverse, inclusive, and nonjudgmental. It prides itself on basic and premium subscribers of different races, cultures, creeds, and sexual appetites.

Safety | Security, and Privacy on the MaturesForFuck Network

As part of the giant Together Networks global alliance, Matures for Fuck runs on supreme safety, security, and privacy technologies that Website administrators maintain day in, day out. It has a set of measures to shield basic users and premium members from threats to their person and reputation during login.

The site’s basic safety measures include:

  • Account confirmation and verification through e-mail
  • Tips and advice on safe dating online and offline
  • Profile hiding or temporary deactivation

The site’s premium safety measures include:

  • All basic safety measures
  • HTTPS encryption
  • Discreet billing

This dating portal has super-reliable customer support that’s available 24/7 to attend to account-related safety, security, and privacy concerns. With urgency, the help desk will act on complaints against elements violating the community guidelines or those behaving suspiciously.

Elements with suspicious behavior could be scammers faking their profiles and passing themselves off as ardent, genuine lovers when all they want is to make money off the users’ vulnerability. They could also be extortionists and blackmailers victimizing innocent subscribers, especially those with a name to protect. Or they could be felons who are sexual abusers, human traffickers, drug dealers, or other types of heinous criminals.

Subscribers are thus advised to be careful and cautious on the site or offline at all times. They should never give other people sensitive personal information about themselves, their families, and their businesses, such as residential or office addresses, credit card numbers, and bank details.

MaturesForFuck Reviews | What Female and Male Subscribers Say

Review #1: Charlene (Canada) - I am a fifty-something widow seeking the kind of adventure I never had with my late husband, whom I married for convenience. Since I lost my youth to him, someone who saw me more as an object rather than an equal, I thought it would be nice to relish that incredible intimate experience I was deprived of decades ago. I turned to MaturesForFuck, hoping to bring out my inner young woman in the company of a hot-blooded young man. My first great date happened within a week of completing my profile. Two years and scores of dates on, and I am still filled with the stamina to reach the zenith of pleasure with men younger than myself. I wish all the best for the people who read this review. May they find their partner shortly.

Review #2: Biff (United States) - My review is for young men like me who crave cougars. I was in college when I discovered my desire for older women. On Saturday, my roommate’s aunt came by the dorm. She didn’t know my roommate had gone out for the weekend with his girlfriend, and she didn’t care. I entertained the aunt as best I could, and, long story short, she stripped me of my innocence before the night was over. The aunt’s older than me by 25 years, but I had no issue with that because she was a heavenly hardbody. The affair lasted until my graduation, after which she decided we should part ways. I never saw her again, but I found myself still lusting after her. In my search for someone who could be as hot as my college roommate’s aunt, I came across MaturesForFuck that’s replete with cougars like her. I’ve never been wanting in the bedroom department since joining the site. Wish there was an app, though.

Review #3: Marc (United Kingdom) - Let me make this review short and sweet. MaturesForFuck is a brilliant platform for blokes like me who are into MILFs and cougars. The site is full of mature, highly experienced babes, so you will never run out of dates. And if there is no one in your area who has a carnal need that is as gaping as yours, you are covered by a fantastic satisfaction guarantee.

Costs and Pricing Plans | How Affordable Is MaturesForFuck?

This bustling Website has features that are free and yours for the taking, although access to advanced functionalities requires a paid subscription.

The premium plans and their prices are:

  • 1 month - $65.00
  • 3 months - $70.00

There are 24-hour, and 3-day trial options available for your pleasure and convenience, and the day-long plan costs less than a dollar.

Free Features | Services in the Basic MaturesForFuck Package

The services that basic or free users can experience are:

Account registration and confirmation

Profile creation and building

Search use (basic filters)

Message reading

Access to Like Gallery

Unwanted-person blocking

Customer-support access

Satisfaction guarantee

Paid Features | Services in the Premium MaturesForFuck Package

The services that premium or paying members will enjoy are:

Enjoyment of all basic services

Search use (premium filters)

An unlimited message reading and sending

Chat participation

Premium subscribers also have the privilege to upload and share photos and other multimedia files during private chat sessions

FAQ | Know More About the MaturesForFuck Site

Is chatting free on MaturesForFuck?

No, it isn’t free. Chatting is a paid service.

Does the MaturesForFuck site offer a free trial prior to a premium subscription?

No, but it does have 24-hour and 7-day trial options that won’t break the bank.

Is there a way to verify my MaturesForFuck account?

Yes. After registering, wait for the confirmation e-mail and click on the link.

Experts Conclusion | A Must-Try for MILFs, Cougars, and Their Worshippers

MaturesForFuck is a fascinating virtual playground for MILFs, cougars, silver foxes, and their worshippers. With millions of active subscribers across the continents, the pleasure-giving portal can give emerging and veteran competitors a run for their money.

We tried this online dating platform portal ourselves and loved that we did. But before registering, we read review after review on the Internet and listened to whatever first-hand (or second-hand) review we could gather. There were more positive reactions than negatives, so we signed up.

Under the basic plan, we found potential matches fast. We couldn’t connect with people we fancied, though, because of the paywall. We thus advanced to the week-long trial option and started enjoying our subscription for seven (7) full days. It didn’t take long for us to get hooked, particularly because we got to meet a lot of awesome matches in person. We then signed on to the longer-term plans in auto-renew. As for safety, security, and privacy on the site, we found Matures for Fuck capable of shielding us from cyber-danger.

Overall, we believe that MaturesForFuck is an amazing Website for over-40 adults and their younger admirers. Despite the lack of an app, it satisfies the subscribers’ needs without hassle.

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