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About Lesbiedates Dating Site

Established in 2017, the Lesbiedates site is a treat for queer women to find the perfect Lesbo partner for them. Where on a usual dating site, queer folks have to go through numerous hurdles and decipher the uncertainty of whether the user on the other end is really — by all means — is a girlfriend they seek or a boyfriend they do not want. No wonder it is one of the best lesbian dating sites accessible today.


Not many dating sites have two fronts — dating and seeking romantic partners and speak and fight for your community members. Guess what? LesbieDates has both of those fronts according to many other reviews. You will find naive young girls proud of pursuing their interests, but LesbieDates also hosts mature and experienced users.


The profile includes a dedicated space for highlighting your pronoun

You can interact with LGBTQ+ activists and join the world-level community to put your word forward

While the majority of the users on the site are young, the site also hosts a fair share of mature users


Not exclusive to only lesbians, Lesbiedates also hosts a large portion of bisexuals on the site seeking threesome with a couple and whatnot.

You will have to subscribe to the premium membership to enjoy most of the benefits.

No anonymous payment options — only major credit or debit cards

No Android app or iOS app

Lesbiedates sign up

Signup Process

LesbieDates is not one of those sites that include social sign-up options to expose your dating status with the rest of the world. Instead, it prefers keeping everything confined within its walls, and that is why it does not demand anything else than a valid email address.

Follow these simple steps to create your profile on the site:

  • Go to the official LesbieDates website via a mobile or desktop browser. No mobile app for iOS and Android users, so you will register from the website itself.
  • Enter your dating preference
  • Select your age
  • Write in an email
  • Type in a password
  • Enter the city you live in
  • And click Join Now toggle.
Lesbiedates profile

Members and Profiles

LesbieDates app is a synonym of minimalist. Its users, its sleek interface, or the profile space. Still, for some, "lack of space is a benefit." The reason: the presence of information like the other user's hobbies, interests, passions, and favorite movies does help one break the ice. But the lack of data creates enough doubts that you may want to interact and talk with the other user about them—the so-called Conversation 101. The lack of a full-fledged profile is what makes LesbieDates members keen to know about each other stories. You will find that majority of its members — both young and experienced — joined in a community relishing daily news and talking about their predicaments of being a Lesbian in a conventional family or society.

However, do not think that it is boring. LesbieDates also has its fun elements and will keep surprising you in the days to come once you join the website.


Both user safety and privacy — as far as LesbieDates is concerned — are state-of-the-art. Since its founding dates, the site has not heard any judgments regarding its security and privacy features. Yes, its privacy policy of logging user data is a concern to many. But as mentioned several times from LesbieDates, it does not intend to release or disclose the information to anyone. And while this was confirmed that the data collected gets shredded within one year of the recording date, the mere idea of the data being collected does haunt many users. Still, it is not something to be worried about, and you can use the application without any concern of being exposed on the internet or in the hands of hackers.

Aside from doing its best from its side, it also expects its users to follow safe dating guidelines and not to trust any new user that you recently met to the full extent.

Lesbiedates Reviews

These are some of the reviews from the LesbieDates users, who either have found a life-long partner or seeking one daily:

Leslie, 28 - "She is 35; I'm 28. She likes coffee; I am more of a tea person. I like waking up in the afternoon; she is a morning person. She is serious; I am 'foolish.' She is smart, I think I am too, but let's not kid ourselves, I'm not. She is a writer; I do not know what I want to do. She hates fashion; my second home is Louis Vuitton. We are not similar at all. But we feel like we are one. Or at least she makes me something by being by my side. And I do not think we would have hit off if it weren't for LesbieDates. I'm writing this review to tell other Gals to stop wasting their time on Tinder and Hinge rather come and join LesbieDates."

Nita, 31 - "Being a woman from outside my country, I never expected to find someone from my own country living just minutes away from my home in this new world. Thanks, LesbieDates, for helping me find the one that I always wanted."

Gulabo, 51 - "I like the substantial user base of young blood; I like that they prefer old rather than someone of their age."

Cost and Pricing Plans

We did not encounter more attractive pricing throughout our review of dating sites. Here's what it will cost you to find your other half:

  • 1-Day Trial Membership — US$ 0.99 per day
  • 1-Week Membership Plan — US$ 0.86 per day
  • 1-Month Membership Plan — US$ 0.83 per day
  • 3-Month Membership Plan — US$ 0.46 per day

Free Features

Lesbiedates does not have much to offer to its free queer folks. You can:

Register yourself on the site.

Review other user profiles in brief.

View other user photos but cannot review them in full view.

Search based on: Photo only, Age, and Online Now

Send up to five messages per day

Paid Features

Of course, Lesbiedates saves the best for the paid users. By buying the full membership that comes at flexible pricing options, you can:

Send and receive unlimited messages to users

Exchange photos and videos privately

Review user profiles in full

See all user photos in a complete view

Go incognito and review other users


Is Chatting On Lesbiedates Free?

Yes, LesbieDates allows you to send five messages daily and review those received from the other users.

Does LesbieDates Have a Free Trial Period For Full Membership?

Yes, you can opt for Paid trial for one day only at the cost of 0.99USD

How Can I Verify My Lesbiedates Account?

As soon as you register on the site, LesbieDates will send a confirmation code to your email. You have to enter the code to verify your account.

Experts Conclusion

Lesbiedates, on the surface, may look like just another service from a bunch of lesbian dating sites, but if you dig a little deeper and review it more: you will find that it is more than that. Much more, in fact. Yes, you will find queer seeking a long-term lesbian friend who can get cuddly with them. You will also encounter single or married lesbians seeking a heated-affair kind of action. But you will also find that the site is compatible with social justice views in its community chat rooms.

So if you want to be an advocate LGBTQ+ and review your community on a grassroots level plus find someone to hook up with — Lesbiedates is the best site for you.

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