Get an Insightful Guideline on How to Have Casual Sex

How to Have Casual Sex

Casual sex, as is evident on media such as television, movies, and music, is taking place more often now than before. Although religious groups and conservatives view it as a disgrace, many people from developed countries are engaging in it today. The fact remains that casual hookups involving sex are fun, and some of the best hookup sites provide a perfect venue to get it without a hustle. There are some helpful guidelines to follow on how to enjoy casual sex that include:

  • Keep fit by eating well and exercising
  • Be clean, smart and increase your knowledge through reading.
  • Don't be generic and be yourself to attract the attention of the opposite sex.
  • Be sexual in the way you talk and behave, and you are bound to get sex more often.

There are various places where one can find partners for casual sex, such as:

  1. Bars
  2. Clubs
  3. Restaurants
  4. House parties
  5. Hook up sites
  6. The beach
  7. Gym
  8. Casual sex parties

Some of the Best Casual Sex Tips

Casual Sex Tips

Having casual sex is normal, but certain important tips need to be observed for a flawless hookup. Just because it is casual doesn't necessarily mean that there are no rules or regulations that need to be observed. Whether you met on one of the best hookup sites or in any of the above situations and are going to have casual sex, this is what you need to know:

  1. There must be a consensus — both of you must agree that a hookup is something you both consent to. If there is no agreement, complications may arise.
  2. Preparation is important — mentally tune your thoughts to what can occur during a hookup. Have condoms, lubricant, morning-after pill, erectile dysfunction pills, and desensitizing spray. Condoms are a must. The rest is optional.
  3. Be honest — be straightforward about your intentions before and during sex. Make it clear that you only intend to have a hookup.
  4. Be a great host — be decent and treat your guest with courtesy. Let them have some coffee and leave when it is convenient.
  5. Let it be hot and exciting — this is a hookup, and different positions are acceptable. Make it memorable.
  6. Give proper foreplay — in the same breath of making things exciting, take your time with foreplay to make sure you are both stimulated fully.
  7. Be mature — avoid complaining or sulking if things don't go the way you wanted them to. The sex is meant to be fun.
  8. Keep to your comfort zones — simply say no to anything that you do not feel comfortable about.
  9. Keep things light — avoid talking or doing things that are beyond the sexual act. Personal issues should be left out.
  10. Avoid cuddling — cuddling may lead to bonding, as a chemical known as oxytocin is released, and you do not intend on going for a serious relationship.
  11. Exercise proper body language — it is not easy to sense your partner's body language unless you are in a long-term relationship. Be noble and gentle with your hookup partner.
  12. Educate yourself sexually — learn how to give good sex for ultimate satisfaction and ensure you understand how to induce orgasm.
  13. Choose someone you'd never be committed to — this is to avoid the possibility of complications that may arise if you fall for one another, yet it wasn't meant to go beyond that one time.
  14. Proper manners — it goes without saying that proper etiquette is a prerequisite in any form of relationship, be it a hookup or a long-term relationship.
  15. Be inconspicuous — do not go showing everyone what you are about to do or have already done. You do not have to show off.
  16. Do not make it seem weird — the essence is to have a fun hookup, so be subtle about it.

In case you follow the above tips for a hookup, you will experience ultimate satisfaction and no regrets. Casual sex can be very rewarding to partners that have reached a consensus and have no intention of pursuing any form of a relationship after that. It is not unethical unless you are bound to religious beliefs.

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