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JDate is an online adult-personals and dating platform for mature males and females who are Jewish singles. It works 24/7 to deliver the perfect matches among like-minded people who share a unique culture and a set of spiritual beliefs. It focuses on helping the network’s huge population to find, meet, and be with their potential partner in life.

More than half of the JDate population has been happy to report that, through the site, they have found their one great love and soulmate with whom to share wedded bliss and a happily-ever-after romance. Launched on the World Wide Web in 1997, the portal has been taking the Jewish world by storm. With a user base of 1 million (and counting), it’s now one of the largest and most revered Jewish dating sites in the universe. The site is translated into five languages: English, Hebrew, German, Spanish, and French.

JDate is owned and operated by Spark Networks that has been sweeping the dating galaxy off its feet since the turn of the millennium. Publicly listed in the New York Stock Exchange, with “LOV” for its ticker symbol, Spark Networks runs several formidable dating Websites that cater to singles going for serious relationships. Some of the brands in its ever-growing portfolio are Adventist Singles, Attractive World, Christian Mingle, eDarling, Elite Singles, LDS Singles, Silver Singles, and Zoosk. The company was originally headquartered in the United States but is now based in Germany.


  • Population: 1M+ accounts registered in various countries
  • Members: 750K+ monthly visitors
  • User Base: 60% male, 40% female
  • Recommended Age: 18 years old and above
  • Best for serious, for-keeps relationships

JDate is a giant dating network on the World Wide Web that is centered on the Jewish faith and culture. It provides marvelous matchmaking services for singles who are already baptized Jewish, although it also caters to those who are willing to convert to Judaism.

This “niche” dating site serves those who are looking to meet their significant other with whom to share a great and lasting marital life together. It’s not designed for pursuing playmates in casual encounters, extramarital affairs, or polyamorous adventures.

The J Date portal shines in its diversity-driven and inclusion-oriented glory, and it faithfully maintains a nonjudgmental environment. Its doors are open to heterosexual and homosexual loving, so both the “straight” and the LGBTQIA+ communities are very much welcome. It embraces people of any nationality and ethnicity, and it encourages intraracial and interracial connections. This is as long as subscribers show respect for others and behave properly at all times.

Pros | Why Sign Up with JDate?

The big user base of “straight” and LGBTQIA+ adults

Pro-diversity and pro-inclusion

Nonjudgmental environment

Responsive desktop and mobile versions

Free Android app or iOS app

Free registration and profile creation

Free use of internal search engine

Free viewing of others’ profiles

Strict moderation of photos

Cons | Where JDate Needs Improvement

A message reading and sending are not free

Access to forums is not free

Anonymous browsing is not free

No trial premium plans

Premium plans are a little costly

Billing set in auto-renew

Some accounts are bogus or misrepresented

JDate sign up

Sign Up Process | No-Frills Registration on Jdate

Joining JDate requires little or no effort and, more importantly, it’s free.

To create an account:

  1. Go to the J Date dot-com site.
  2. Enter your name, gender, location, and date of birth.
  3. Enter your e-mail address. This is where your sign-up confirmation message, which contains the activation link, will be sent.
  4. Upload a single photo or a set of photos of yourself to get verified.
  5. Answer some questions about yourself, such as your height and level of education.
  6. Pick your religion. You can mark your affiliation by choosing from the options: Conservative, Conservadox, Orthodox (Baal Teshuva, Frum, or Modern), Hasidic, Reform, Reconstructionist, “Culturally Jewish,” and “Willing To Convert.”
  7. Tick the box that says you’re of legal age and that you’ve taken the time to review the legal notices.
  8. Review the form and hit the sign-up button.

If you want to skip the e-mail registration, just link your Facebook account and get verified. The advantage is that doing so saves you time. The disadvantage is that it might put your discreet dating activities at risk, although the site assures you that it will never post anything on social media.

JDate profile

Members and Profiles | Who Are the People on the JDate Network?

The J Date universe revolves around adults of the Jewish faith and those who admire them and want to spend the rest of their lives with them. Because it highlights commitment between two mature people, the site isn’t ideal for individuals who are simply seeking hookups, flings, and no-strings-attached intimate adventures.

This dating portal’s member base consists of practitioners or ardent admirers of the Judaism spiritual-belief system. For more accurate results in the internal search engine, the user population is classified as Conservative, Conservadox, Orthodox (Baal Teshuva, Frum, or Modern), Hasidic, Reform, Reconstructionist, “Culturally Jewish,” and “Willing To Convert.”

With respect to age, the network chiefly consists of older adults: the Generation Y’ers (or Millennials), Gen Xers, Baby Boomers, and the Lucky Few. A good number from the younger Gen Z is also part of the hale and the hearty hustle and bustle.

Gender-wise, J Date has three dashing gentlemen for every two divine ladies. The ratio may not apply, however, because this pro-diversity, pro-inclusion, and nonjudgmental portal cater to daters who belong in “straight” and LGBTQIA+ communities. Men and women of any skin color, ethnic background, and romantic experience level are welcome here.

Safety | Security and Privacy Measures on the JDate Network

JDate depends on superlative technology to ensure the safety, security, and privacy of everyone logged in. It also relies heavily on the competence of human administrators that work hard 24/7 to protect the Website from cyber threats.

The site’s safety measures include:

  • Account confirmation via e-mail or Facebook
  • Photo verification
  • Profile hiding or temporary deactivation
  • Anonymous browsing
  • Unwanted-person blocking
  • HTTPS encryption

JDate has a trained help desk that’s always ready to look into account-related safety, security, and privacy concerns. The customer service team will immediately review and resolve complaints against violators of the site’s terms and conditions or those showing offensive and abusive behavior. Violations include creating fake profiles, uploading photos that have been stolen, spamming, fraud, and blackmail, as well as heinous crimes like human trafficking, drug trafficking, and sexual offenses.

If you’re a JDate subscriber, always use your common sense during login and while logged out. Never tell other subscribers your sensitive personal information, such as home or work address, debit or credit card number, and bank details. Moreover, never send money to anyone you’ve just met here on the site.

JDate Reviews | What Subscribers Say

Review #1: Noah (Israel) - J Date is excellent and deserves my positive review because it was there when I needed a Jewish matchmaker most. I was in Germany to visit relatives who wanted me to marry somebody they liked (and whom I did not). By some cyber-miracle, I found J Date, so I signed up and downloaded the app. I paid for a subscription right away to connect with prospective dates near me. Again by some cyber-miracle, only a few hours after paying for a premium account, I got paired with a lovely local who viewed the world from my exact same progressive perspective. We easily fell in love. She is now my fiancée, whom I will marry in a few months. I am truly grateful that J Date stepped in, albeit unknowingly.

Review #2: Albert (Canada) - I am born and bred Jewish from England, the only son of a Ba'al teshuva Orthodox rabbi, who has been uprooted from my country for work. When I arrived in North America, I had no social life, let alone a love life. I had difficulty making friends outside of the office and finding a date in the real world. Given my excruciatingly unexciting ex-pat situation, I turned to the Internet and looked for social networking and dating sites that might introduce me to people who shared my beliefs and lifestyle. I found J-Date, signed up, used the app without trouble, thus this five-star review. Shortly after paying for a premium subscription, I got a splendid recommendation: a lovely Jewish girl from Alberta. She and I hit it off the first time we met in person. A year later, I proposed to her. We are now married with twins, a boy, and a girl, thanks to J-Date!

Review #3: Golda (United States) - - The JD app is (blessedly) responsible for introducing me to my significant other, who isn’t even Jewish but is fascinated with my religion. I love that we’re an “interfaith” couple in love, with respect for each other. I love, too, that he’s popped the question after two years of us seriously dating. I’m giving JDate no less than a perfect score to complete my review.

Costs and Pricing Plans | How Affordable Is JDate?

Some of the services don’t cost anything, but full site access requires a paid subscription.

The premium plans and their prices are:

  • 1 month - $60.00
  • 3 months - $135.00
  • 6 months - $180.00

Currently, there are neither short-term trial options nor refund policies.

Free Features | Services in the Standard JDate Package

The services that standard or free users can experience are:

App download/installation

Account registration

Photo verification

Profile creation

Profile deactivation (for security)

Search-box use


Paid Features | Services in the Premium JDate Package

The services that premium or paying members will enjoy are:

Enjoyment of all standard services

Anonymous browsing

Inbox accessing

Message sending and replying

Read-message notification

Chat-room and forum participation

FAQ | Know More About the JDate Jewish Network

Is chatting a free service on JDate?

No, sorry. Access to the chat service requires a paid subscription.

Does the JDate site offer a free trial before paying for a premium plan?

No, not at the moment. To be able to read and send a message, you’re required to go premium.

How will my JDate account be verified?

Your registration will only be completed with uploaded photos of yourself that the human team will check manually. This means that you’ve been verified when your account is confirmed. If you sign up using your Facebook account, verification is almost instant.

Experts Conclusion | For Jewish People and Those Who Admire Them

JDate is the go-to site for Jewish people and those who admire them. Having read review after review...after great review, we thought we might give the site a try. We’re not Jewish, but we’re drawn to them and their way of life.

Immediately after downloading the app, signing up, and getting verified, we bought a subscription to be able to shoot one message after another to people we fancied. We made virtual friends shortly after. We then agreed to meet those nearby as soon as we could (which would be within a few hours or a few days). We found our newly made friends gracious and respectful by nature, online and offline. To them, it didn’t matter that we weren’t Jewish. Everyone was cool and warm, living a life of balance and harmony, and was always ready for an insightful conversation.

As for our safety and security, we thankfully didn’t encounter anybody with an attitude or malicious intention. And even if we did, we were confident that customer service had got our back. Privacy-wise, we didn’t encounter any possible breaches.

In sum, we give JDate a double thumbs-up for its ability to please Jewish daters and their admirers consistently.

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