How to Pick Up Girls

How to Pick Up Girls

In dating, picking up ladies is a delicate matter but not necessarily difficult as it happens in many different situations. There is a need to envision the right settings to make your advance, and there is a way to pull off the act with flying colors. The essence of this guidance is to ensure that you can walk through the process with grace and secure a girlfriend without a hitch. There is the method to carry yourself, and ladies are keen to note it. Without further ado, let's see how this can be done.

The Core Principles

The Core Principles
  1. Approach girls in public venues that are relaxed
  2. Public places with a relaxed atmosphere present the ideal situation for dating strangers. Examples include shopping malls, restaurants, clubs, sports centers, house parties, bars, and parks.

  3. Show confidence during the whole pick-up process
  4. Women are intrigued by dating a man with an air of confidence. You should appear confident when advancing on them and articulate yourself directly about your objectives. Doing so will allow you to pick them up effortlessly.

  5. Use open and elaborate gestures
  6. Do not act as though you are nervous like a deer fixed in the headlights. Relax and chat with your female partner openly using body language, or else she will be eager to end the dialogue.

  7. Be the person you are and don't falsify anything
  8. Do not fake being somebody you aren't, as females keen on dating are very observant and will quickly detect your pretense. Be yourself and exude your positive qualities, as doing so will come out as sexy.

  9. Don't be scared of dismissal
  10. You are bound to be rejected at one point or the other, and this shouldn't come as a surprise or weigh down on you. Take it gracefully. There is a next time to try the move again.

  11. Watch how you walk and dress
  12. Women are very perceptive of how you walk or the attire you wear. Don't meander around or dress shabbily and expect to make a decent first impression.

  13. Look into her eyes
  14. While dating a girl, it is imperative to maintain eye contact as it shows that you are engrossed in her and listening to what she is saying. It also exudes your confidence.

  15. Appreciate a compliment
  16. If she compliments you, appreciate it and don't start saying things like "really?". Just say thank you gracefully.

  17. Don't disclose your negative side
  18. Always leave out your negative attributes when trying to seduce a girl. You must always express your positive attributes to give a good first impression.

Seven Situations of Picking Up Girls

Picking Up Girls
  1. Use a captivating pick-up phrase to get her consideration but don't use up too much time overthinking what to tell her. You can begin by saying something related to the current situation like, "this place is so lit today, I guess you might be the reason".
  2. Make use of a light-hearted dialogue; don't discuss complicated issues that may not be in the girl's best interest. Talk about things like the music playing, the persons in attendance, and simple stuff that doesn't touch her personal matters.
  3. Have a sense of humor, as females adore being with someone that makes them laugh. It shows that you can be an interesting person to be with.
  4. Be truthful and straight about your goals to avoid mixed feelings. Casually tell your partner that you want to know her better if she doesn't mind.
  5. Genuinely praise her about anything that you might find impressive in her. You can bluntly express that although she has been told many times before, you can't resist expressing to her that she is a stunning beauty.
  6. Try to see indications that the girl is into you. This may come in several ways:
  • Holding eye contact
  • Toying with her curls
  • Giggling at your puns
  • Good-naturedly tapping you
  • Questioning a lot

Ask her telephone number after the date. Once you have played out the seduction part to this juncture, it's time to request her contacts. Once she offers it to you, ensure you call her within 48 hours, or you will appear as though you have chickened out. If it diverts to voicemail, leave her a message and ask her to call you back.

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