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About Gaydar

Gaydar is a virtual fairy godmother who works her magic on same-sex adult daters. The Website, which has an app for either Android or iOS mobile devices, caters to males and females and other genders in between, not excluding bisexuals and pansexuals (or omnisexuals).

Founded in 1999 and fully launched on the World Wide Web in 2002, the Gaydar online dating platform has been at the forefront of LGBTQIA+ dating since. Originally owned and operated by QSoft Consulting Limited, the site is now run by GDOnline Limited, a company domiciled in the United Kingdom.

GDOnline is behind a string of LGBT dating sites and app marvels, including Gaydar Girls and Means Happy. The company’s user base consists of more than six million basic users and premium members in at least 140 countries and territories.

Overview | Gaydar

  • Population: 6M+ account registrations worldwide
  • Members: 1M+ monthly visitors worldwide
  • User Base: 75% male, 25% female
  • Recommended Age: 18 years old and above
  • Best for hookups and romances

Gaydar is an online adult-personals platform that oozes with opportunities to find, meet, flirt with, and date mature men and women from the LGBTQIA+ community. The initialism stands for “lesbian, gay, bisexual, queer (or questioning), intersex, asexual (or ally).” The plus sign represents several other terms that describe sexual orientation and gender identity, such as “gender-fluid,” “gender-flexible,” and “omnisexual (or pansexual).”

Gaydar is a cool, vibrant site that is diverse and nonjudgmental in character, and it warmly takes in people of any ethnicity, culture, creed, lifestyle—as long as they are genuine and respectful on the site and offline. It ships incredible intraracial and interracial intimacies, be these casual encounters or happily-ever-after romances.

The Website has desktop and mobile versions that are easy to access and navigate, and there is a matchmaking app for people on the go who are using either Android or iOS devices.

Pros | How Gaydar Will Make You a Proud Member

2M+ highly active subscribers across the globe

Diverse and nonjudgmental population

Quick account setup and profile creation

Free photo uploading and “Winks” sending

A free message reading and sending

Free private chatting

Free chat-room participation

Free app download and install from Google Play or Apple Store

Super-affordable plans

Cons | Where Gaydar Is Wanting

Unlimited searching not free

Incognito browsing is not free

No trial options are available

Some chat rooms are empty

Active accounts are very limited in several countries and territories

Gaydar sign up

Sign Up Process | Easy-Peasy Gaydar Registration

Signing up with Gaydar is about as quick as cats can wink and blink their eyes. The entire registration and confirmation process takes less than five minutes under normal conditions.

To be part of the merriment:

  1. Go to dot-net site.
  2. Add one of your most smashing photos.
  3. Key in your details: Profile Name, Password, E-mail Address, Date of Birth. You must be an adult when you sign up.
  4. Review all the legal notices and tick the box to show that you agree with the site’s Terms and Conditions.
  5. Click on the “Register” button and wait for the confirmation e-mail. The message should contain an activation link and a set of instructions for your review.
  6. Once confirmed, start building your breathtaking profile! This involves photos of yourself that you want your potential bedfellows to see and adore. Just make sure that the images and details you provide are true.

If you want to skip the e-mail registration, simply use your Facebook or Apple account to get verified. The advantage is that doing so is hassle-free. The disadvantage is that it could compromise your discreet dating activities, although the site assures everyone that it will not post anything on your social media account.

Gaydar profile

Members and Profiles | What the Proud Gaydar Population Is Like

Gaydar focuses on making gay adults as happy as they should be, and it primarily caters to men 18 years and above who hunger and thirst for flings, friendships with naked benefits, and even for-keeps romances. The network also serves natural and trans women 18 years and above who are game to play with them and pleasure them with abandon.

This online dating platform is essentially for singles who are ready to mix, mingle, and make merry. There are, however, free users and paying members who are aroused by three-way and ultra-polyamorous relationships. Whatever type of connection they seek, they will find it here, as long as they always behave well. Known for its nonjudgmental atmosphere, the site never tolerates bias and bigotry.

Age-wise, the user base consists mostly of Generation Y’ers (or Millennials) and Generation Z’ers. There are, however, gracious Gen X. Baby Boomer and Lucky Few subscribers who are still actively into a rocking, rolling, and rollicking behind the bedroom door. As regards the population’s diverse makeup features adults of different races, ethnicities, and lustful tendencies.

As one of the top-notch LGBTQIA+ dating sites ever to grace the World Wide Web, Gaydar throbs with wet and wild whites, bonny and beautiful blacks, awesome and amazing Asians, lusty and lovely Latinos, and charmers from other parts of the globe.

Safety | Protecting the LGBTQIA+ Community and Their Admirers from Harm

Gaydar administrators work 24/7 to minimize, if not eliminate, the dangers of online dating. Thus, they maintain state-of-the-art systems and enforce strict policies that act as safety, security, and privacy nets for subscribers.

Some of the measures are:

  • Account verification
  • Incognito browsing
  • Unwanted-person blocking

There is a setting that allows subscribers to hide their profile and photos in case they want to keep to themselves for a while. There is also a series of guides on maximizing the fun and frolicking without courting trouble. The wisdom-laden articles are worth your thorough review.

Moreover, the site has a “Report” button for submitting concerns and complaints about the abusive or offensive behavior of certain persons on the platform. A highly trained human help team that will immediately review and act on the spam, fake profiles, suspicious activities, and even potential crimes.

Be warned, though, that just like any other online dating platform, Gaydar is not 100% immune from malicious elements. This is why you should always exercise care and caution from your end to prevent yourself and your reputation from being harmed. Never post sensitive information about yourself, your family, your residence, your workplace, and your finances. The World Wide Web is filled with scammers and extortionists who will try to win you over and bleed you dry. Watch out for bogus accounts.

Most subscribers think liberally and are nonconformist in their bedroom ways. But this does not mean that they should lower their guard at any point in their romping...or they could put their safety, security, and privacy at risk.

Gaydar Reviews | What the Loyal LGBTQIA+ Subscribers Say

Review #1: John (United Kingdom) - Let me start my review by giving G-A-Y-D-A-R a 5-star rating. I have been using the app for years now, and I have no plans of grinding to a halt. As a sexually active gay bloke, who is always on the go for play and for work, I treat this as my digital concierge and Cupid. I love that it always provides for me quite quickly, and I love that it gives me an utterly big bang for my pound. I also love that it lets me do my thing discreetly, with confidence. Being fairly prominent in my circle, I have a name to protect, and I cannot afford to go all out no matter how much I want to.

Review #2: Jacob (United States) - The site deserves 10/10 from me because it’s dependable. I live in California, where there are bazillions of subscribers, so I never run out of matches to review and consider near my Pacific Palisades place. Whenever I fly to other states (or some other countries), I also never run out of matches near me. Shortly before the COVID-19 pandemic hit, I flew to Canada, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Ireland, and the UK. Wherever I needed to be (big cities, mostly), I always got more than a dozen recommendations close by, who were ready to satisfy me and be satisfied by me. I wouldn’t cancel my subscription for the world, prolly until I’m 101 or something.

Review #3: Oskar (Germany) - This is not my first review of a dating site, but it is the only one that I am giving a perfect score. I have been on a lot of platforms for LGBT adults, but I have not experienced something as fantastic as Gaydar. Some charge high. Others have scant benefits. But this site is affordable and loaded with features. I am using the app, and I find it easy to deal with.

Costs and Pricing Plans | Is Going Premium Affordable?

Registration is a no-cost deal, and many of its top features are for free use. Unlocking the full range of services, however, requires a paid membership. But, yes, premium subscriptions are very affordable.

  • 1 month - $10.00
  • 3 months - $20.00
  • 6 months - $20.00

Despite the lack of trial plans, this platform offers insanely low quarterly and annual subscription options that cost less than a quarter per day.

Free Features | What Basic Services Does Gaydar Provide?

The services that free (basic) users can experience are:

Registration via site or app

Profile building

Uploading of public photos

Utilization of basic search filters

Sending of “Winks”

Message exchanging

Private chatting

Chat-room participation

Blocking of unwanted persons

Customer-care access

Paid Features | What Premium Services Does Gaydar Provide?

The services that paying (premium) members will enjoy are:

Access to all basic features and functionalities

Uploading of private photos

Utilization of advanced search filters

Review of unlimited recommendations

Browsing incognito

Checking who has viewed and/or “Favorited” the profile

Ad-free navigation

FAQ | Find Out More About the Gaydar Portal

Is it free to chat on Gaydar?

Yes. Chatting is free.

Does Gaydar offer a free trial?

No. It currently has no free or paid trial options.

How can my Gaydar account be verified?

Just sign up and get an e-mail confirmation, although verification through Facebook or Apple is easier.

Experts Conclusion | The Best Place for LGBTQIA+ Mixing and Mingling

Gaydar pampers LGBTQIA+ adults who crave terrific twists and turns in their bedroom explorations. Its main role is to recommend mature men who are in pursuit of same-sex sizzle, although it also dotes on mature women who adore gay dudes.

We read review after thorough review until it was high time we tried this exciting platform. We wanted to see for ourselves whether or not the site would really bring joy and satisfaction in the man-to-man intimacy department.

As free users, we found prospects within five miles of our location...pronto! To think that we were actually in the suburbs, not downtown. We had the privilege of chatting with our “recommended” on a one-on-one basis. We then took our participation to the next level and became paying members. The 30-day subscription cost no more than a pittance, and the services were worth every penny. There were a few guys we met in bricks-and-mortar settings, and they were all fun to be with. As for the portal’s safety, security, and privacy measures, we had no issues at all.

In summary, the glorious Gaydar network is a must-join venue for people who want to be in and around gay men. Not only is it affordable, but it is also replete with potential buddies and bedfellows. It is, after all, one of the most trusted LGBT dating sites around.

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