Important Tips on Hooking Up

Important Tips on Hooking Up

A hookup is a tricky affair, as both parties have to be mutually conscious of what they are about to get into. Finding someone with the same level of liking as you do is the first hurdle to overcome, and it always is not straightforward. Thankfully, some of the best hookup sites on the Internet today have made it much easier to find various matches that have mutual interests. Nonetheless, there is a way to go about the whole hookup process, and we are going to discuss it in detail below.

  1. There must be a consensus
  2. In dating, mutual consent between the two of you is bound to result in mutual pleasure. Thus, both parties have to be willing to hookup.

  3. Be upfront and genuine about your objectives
  4. Honestly expressing your intentions in the hookup is important so that both of you know if it is either a casual encounter or a committed affiliation. If the person is right for you, he or she will want a similar thing as you.

  5. Be attentive to your companion's presence
  6. Let your actions flow naturally with the emotions you feel when with your partner rather than seem artificial when you cuddle or kiss your mate. Make movements depending on what makes you feel good at the moment.

  7. Look them in the eyes
  8. This is a great way to express that you are wholly into your partner, and you'll also note if they agree with what is taking place. Doing so is a perfect way to make a true connection.

  9. Take control of the situation
  10. There might be some tension during a hookup when both of you earnestly want to initiate a move. Do not hesitate to make the first move if it is clear that both parties desire a similar thing.

  11. Do things that stimulate you
  12. When it comes to touching, kissing, or any other form of foreplay, perform what stimulates your senses. Your lover will feel the craving coming from you and, in turn, flow with it.

  13. Don't ignore the neck
  14. When kissing your partner on a hookup date, make sure to stroke her neck. It draws her nearer to you as it has sensitive nerves.

Common Mistakes People Make When Hooking Up

People Make When Hooking Up

The day in your dating life has come when you have established a hookup and are about to have your first intimate encounter. Everyone has mixed feelings that range from nervousness to excitement, and one tends to be uncertain of how to go about the entire activity. There is the worry that a mistake might occur, and it is these kinds of awkward or self-conscious feelings that might bring about some blunders. Even with all this going on, always think about the no-go points described below.

  1. Continuously talking about your likes and dislikes — instead, talk about your dating desires and let your partner express theirs too before sex.
  2. Not speaking during sex — feel free to point out something that pleases you before or during sex. Make sure not to hold it back, or you will not get the pleasure you desire.
  3. Having unclear dating expectations — share your expectations with your lover and be sure that you are both at par. Both of you must agree if this is a hookup or a long-term relationship.
  4. Caring about being perfect too much — this is not the time to think if you are perfect in bed or not, as no one knows the other's body. Let it go and have fun in the best way you know.
  5. Indulging in a hookup activity you aren't comfortable with — set your limits on the stuff you would do and never be hesitant to say no to what is uncomfortable to you.
  6. Disregarding your dating necessities — don't concentrate on your lover's needs alone. You also deserve the same amount of pleasure.
  7. Having the notion that you ought to teach something new to your dating companion — the initial encounter doesn't have to be creative. Unless both of you are into it, let the action flow naturally.
  8. Not letting someone know where you are going — always tell a friend or family that you are meeting someone new and where you are going for your safety.
  9. Not being confident during a hookup — just be yourself and stop worrying about what could go wrong.
  10. Ignoring protection — no matter the circumstances, always use a condom.

Not thinking later if you are interested in the connection — reevaluate the whole dating scenario and decide on whether you need more from the lover you were with.

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